Treatment against corn borer
Trichograms released by drone

The corn borer, the main pest of maize

It can lead to:
  • From 7% to 30% of losses
  • The development of mycotoxin-producing fungi

An ecological corn borer treatment

The trichogramma naturally controls the corn borer
The trichogramma is a mini-wasp that protects the plantations and parasitizes the eggs of the corn borer.
The trichogramma lays one egg in the corn borer egg (up to 80 parasitized corn borer eggs / trichogramma).
A larva hatches and consumes the contents of the egg.
The larva grows larger.
It forms a blackish cocoon that turns into a nymph.
An adult emerges and goes in search of more corn borer eggs.

Our treatment by trichogrammas solution

Trichogrammas drop by drone, a simple and effective solution
After a first drop, the daughter generations from parasitized corn borer spawners extend the action over 3 weeks.

3 weeks of protection against corn borer

70 to 100 hectares per day
100 capsules per hectare
3 to 5 min per hectare

The result to corn borer by uav treatment

4 Full operating seasons for a rich feedback of experiences and an optimization of services. Our AGRILOAD service platform offers a complete service that includes all the steps necessary for the successful mission completion of trichogramma capsules drop:  :
  • capsules drop:
  • good temperature storage
  • organisation of each operator's roadmap
  • report on the proper execution of the operation
In 2019,
we have dealt with the whole territory

+1 000

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